How to Glow From Head to Toe

How to Glow From Head to Toe

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It's Time to Bare Arms and Legs.

Now that winter is over and spring is coming,  it’s time to get rid of dry skin and show off arms and legs that are smooth and glowing! If you’re embarrassed of your dry skin and the result is you are covering up your skin with long sweaters and pants, it’s time to stop hiding your arms and legs and show them off instead! Ways to take care of your skin will include simple methods that will result in glowing and beautiful skin. Revitalize your skin for the spring and summer time and you’ll feel confident and ready to enjoy activities. It’s time to show off your glowing skin isntead of hiding it!

Take a Bath and Renew Skin

Taking baths with the right ingredients in the water will help get rid of dry skin. Ingredients that will help your skin include milk, honey, and Epsom salt. Combine these three elements and they will all help revitalize your skin. Milk gets rid of dead skin from its lactic acid, which sloughs away dead skin. Honey will hydrate your skin, and salt will reduce any inflammation on your skin. So take some time and have a bath that should last at least 10 minutes and this will help restore your skin and get it ready for the summer time!

Exfoliate Your Feet

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Exfolliate Your Feet.

Even though no one usually sees the bottom of your feet, it’s still important to exfoliate and get rid of the dead skin that has built up during the winter time. A dry body brush will stimulate circulation on your feet and will also smooth the skin. Do this during a shower or before and work on getting smooth feet. You may have to do it consistently to see improvements. Not only will your feet feel great but it will be easier to walk without cracked soles and dry feet.

Give Your Face a Boost

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Give Your Face a Serum Boost.

A serum with enzymes is a great solution to eliminating impurities and dry skin on your face. In particular an oxygen elixir will invigorate your skin and create a healthy radiance. Skin that’s invigorated will result in glowing skin that’s healthy and rosy during the warm months ahead.

So now that you have some ideas on how to renew your skin, implement theses tips and your skin will look good as new. It’s never fun covering up your skin because it’s dry, but with some simple steps your skin will glow again and you’ll have beautiful skin to prove it!


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