The Three Most Imiportant Things.

The Three Most Imiportant Things.

Monday Mingle1 The Three Most Imiportant Things. Hi and welcom to another addition of Monday Mingle Business Edition ,  hosted by The Party Plan Coach, Lynsey Jones. This MEME is a blog hop where we talk about different aspects of our business. Are you curious? Do you have  a business? Wheter is is a home based business or a brick and mortar affair, join in. and meet new people and learn about their business as we learn about yours. Last Week I wrote about things I wish I knew before I joined Mary Kay.  Todays Question is This: What are three things you think every person should know about your business?

I am in a party plan business and the company I am involved in is Mary Kay Cosmetics.  The first thing I think that everyon should know about this business, is that it is a Party Plan Business.  “What does that mean?” – you ask. Well I’ll tell you. A Party Plan business is a business where the primary means of making money for the consultant is by introducing others to the products that they are selling in a Party environment. Usually done at a hostesses home, these selling appointments are “positioned” as a Skin Care Classe – Where the client learns how to take care of her skin and has the opportunity to purchase the products if she chooses. But the thing I really want to stress here is that IT IS A PARTY and you, as the consultant, are the expert and yet the master of ceremonies all in one.  So, it is up to you to be fun and infuse fun into the Party. For me, this is where I get to meet and make friends, have fun and make money while I do that.  Can you get excited about your work being a party?

Mary Kay Logo 2 The Three Most Imiportant Things.

Mary Kay Cosmetics

The second thing I would like to share with someone who might be interested in the business or who has just started is this: Tough Optional, Inventory is not necessary.  As my mentor, Lynsey Jones, The Party Plan Coach has often said, inventory is not necessary to running a successful party plan business. What is NECESSARY is a full calendar of parties to be in and to stay in business successfully.  Of course you should be using the product yourself so that  when people ask you “what do you use?” – you can tell them.  And of cours you should replenishi your starter kit as you use the items.  But carrying a full inventory is not necessary.  So, if I can show you how to successfully stay in business, would you be willing to learn?

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On the Social Media Opportunities

The third thing I would like to share is that you should have an online presence. That includes your companies replicating consultant website, Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and LinkedIn. And get a blog. This is where you are the expert yet you can also show that you are just like anyone else in the hopes and dreams departmen. I’ll be the first to say that I was late to the blog party, but I can say that I have embraced it and feel really comfortable blogging and sharing. Another thing I would suggest is to “corner the market” on your user name for all of your social media. What do I mean by that? Choose one username and use it as your personna for ALL of your social media accounts. How do you do that? Visit and put the username in the box and press search. You’ll see if your username is all yours or not.

MK Logo3 The Three Most Imiportant Things.

Enriching Women's Lives

So, there you have it. These are the top three things that I think anyone  needs to know, if they are is interested in joining Mary Kay Cosmetics as a consultant . Mary Kay is a company that has been around since October of 1963. It is a fortune 500 company and it’s future is secure.  Mary Kay’s Mission is  To Enrich Women’s LIves. I believe that that enrichment is gained by learning who you are through the personal development course I call Mary Kay. I am proud to be a Consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics and I would like to offer the business to you. Are you interested? Then Contact Me anytime for more information.


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