The Top Causes of Premature Aging

The Top Causes of Premature Aging

Scales The Top Causes of Premature Aging

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure or so the saying goes. Therefore, it is recommended that prevention is the key to avoiding premature aging. This is why it is a must to take good care of your skin while you are younger.  Another thing that you should remember is that you need to be aware of what the main causes of pre-mature aging.  There are many  causes that can lead to this problem.


1. Lack of Sleep

Have you ever wondered why your skin looks so lifeless and unattractive after you have stayed up all night or you have had  only a few hours of sleep? Stress and lack of sleep makes your body produce more cortisol than normal. It will also speed up the reproduction of free radicals. Cortisol  breaks down collagen and elastin, the key elements in making your skin smooth, supple, healthy and youthful.

Remedy:  To prevent this from happening, make sure that you include some foods that are beneficial for the immune system. Also anti-aging  face creams, moisturizers and serums can also help in maintaining the integrity of your skin. And most of all,  don’t forget to get a good night’s sleep.


2. too Much Sugar

For people who have a sweet tooth, having too much of a good thing can be really bad. Too much sugar in the body can be a cause your skin to age. Excess sugar in the system creates a process called “glycation”, which is a bonding process between fats, proteins and sugar. This process occurs within the tissues, which then causes muscle inflexibility, inflammation and the production of free radicals.

Remedy:  If you want to get your sugar fix under control, try opting for a few pieces of dark chocolate, or low sugar fruits. You don’t really need to give up on sweets. You just need to consume it in moderation.


3. Sun Exposure

The sun is one of the biggest sources of skin aging. Photo-aging is the skin’s aging reaction to prolonged exposure to the sun. This results in wrinkled, discolored skin, as well as tightened and stretched lips.

Remedy:  If you want to avoid these signs of skin aging, always apply sunscreen before you head out. Try to avoid exposure during peak hours where the heat of the sun’s rays is at its highest. Use an umbrella if you can. If you are going to sunbathe, apply generous amounts of sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or above. Not doing this will also make you at risk for skin cancer.


4. Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, it is recommended to hydrate yourself from the inside out. Increase your water intake and also include a good moisturizer into your daily skin routine. Choose one that is targeted for your skin type and climate.


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Stop the Aging Process with These Tips

As we age, our skin will show signs of that aging. It is important for us to be proactive in the anti-aging process. Maintaining yourhful skin can take some work but it is always better to prevent than to lament. How would you feel if you looked older than you really were?  As I said before An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


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